Happy First-Post Friday!

Now that the dust has settled after the Easter weekend and I’ve stopped having chocolate eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner (sorry diet!) I can finally sit down to write my first post for my sparkly new blog!

I’m going to dedicate my first post to a fragrance review as I had a huge splurge this week at the Yankee Candle store in Brent Cross to stock up on all the latest US Treasure/Special Appearance Large Jars. The only one they didn’t have on my shopping list was Cottage Breeze which I will have to try and find elsewhere on my travels!

Amongst my limited editions I also picked up a Large Jar of Cuban Mojito in preparation for my summer holiday to Varadero & Havana this June. The Havana collection of four new classic fragrances launched at the beginning of April and I’ve been dying to try them ever since my first smell at our UK trade shows last summer . Between you and me, I absolutely love mojito cocktails so the idea of a Yankee Candle version was right up my street!

Cuban MojitoPhoto © Yankee Candle 2017

Even though this fragrance was originally intended to launch as part of the Fruit family, the final production candles have been labelled as part of the Food & Spice family which I agree is a better fit for the type of fragrance this is. I do think fruit lovers will enjoy this fragrance but the Sugarcane base notes are more appealing to Fandles with a sweeter tooth.

Cold Fragrance:

On a cold smell this candle is fantastically strong smelling. Fresh lime is one of my all time favourite scents when I’m cooking or making summer cocktails because of that zesty punch of fragrance that hits your nose almost the instant you cut into the skin of the fruit.

The same goes for Cuban Mojito as soon as you open the lid, except as well as fresh lime you also catch a beautiful blend of cool mint, creating that signature mojito experience.

First Burn:

Using my Illuma-lid to give a faster pool and cleaner burn I’ve now had this candle burning for just over three hours and I have to say the throw is amazing. It’s worth noting the rooms in my town house are small or medium at most so when it comes to fragrance diffusion vs. space I am at an advantage.

However, I did go downstairs for a little while and on my return up the staircase I could smell the minty vanilla notes from this candle from a surprising distance. As with all Yankee Candle fragrances, the ‘heart’ and base notes of the fragrances really develop on burning, and with Cuban Mojito I found the citrus notes from the cold burn gave way to a much sweeter vanilla blend after a few hours.

Final Thoughts:

For all the Fandles who love Vanilla Lime I think this is a great summer alternative for you to try or even combine for a Mixology Monday burn.

If you’ve got friends or family with a summer birthday in the coming months I think Cuban Mojito would make a great gift – remember to personalise your jars with an Illuma-lid to encourage good Candle Care!

For me, this is a summer preparation candle. I’ve got my summer holiday booked and I’m already counting down the days until I can lie on the beach sipping the real deal, but burning Cuban Mojito is making the wait all the more enjoyable!

Where to buy:

Cuban Mojito can be found direct from YankeeCandle.co.uk or you can find your nearest Yankee Candle stockist using their Store Locator.

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